CPJHL announces new look moving forward

by Administration

As Canada and the Canadian people have had to make changes and evolve in the last 18 months with the COVID-19 pandemic, so has the CPJHL in making changes. 

The pandemic has had many businesses look at how operations are run day to day, short and long term and make those changes in order to keep competitive and move forward. 

Junior hockey in Canada is no different as in the end, it is a business and anyone in the junior hockey world will definitely say it has been hard hit the past year.  

CPJHL president Barry DeGray said in an interview, "Hockey is our national sport, and we would all like to see the game back on the ice, fans in the stands with lots of smiles and cheering, music playing and most of all, our athletes being able to chase their dreams of one day playing in the big leagues."

The CPJHL as a competitive league had to make those changes as well. 

DeGray commented that, "Change brings on new challenges, new opportunities and solutions to grow and become better and that is what we have had to do to be competitive as a league." 

 A new look it is with new teams under new ownership, the demographics of the new teams will have the CPJHL a closer-knit league moving forward for travel and fans that wanting to follow their teams during the season. 

Over the past four years, the league has been spread out over the Ontario and Quebec landscape which has made travel one of the biggest expenses to its teams budgets. 

"With teams now located in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, the travel for teams has been reduced, which will help budgets, safety and fans being able to travel to watch their teams on the road," DeGray said.

The CPJHL is gearing up behind the scenes with team meetings to get the structure set for an exciting season of hockey. The schedule of the season is looking to be announced later in July and that will be exciting news as it is one step closer to hockey being played.  

Exciting announcements of the new teams from Gatineau and Montreal joining the CPJHL will be announced this week. 

More news from around the league will be announced in the coming weeks as teams have upgraded their facilities, staff and we will be taking you inside to show you.