Royals sign big, fast forward Mailhot, who comes to Langton with junior hockey experience

by Matt Mackinder

The Langton Royals have announced the signing of 6-foot-3, 245-pound forward Felix Mailhot for the 2019-20 CPJHL season.

Mailhot started the season with the USPHL Elite Charlotte Rush team. 

"Yeah, I know he is big, but he is fast, has good hands, good hockey sense, and likes to take the puck to the net and put the puck in the net," said Langton coach-GM Jason Do Paco. "He is definitely gonna add what we needed in the goal scoring department. We are growing stronger, we are adding the right players and putting the puzzle together. We have a lot of talent but our numbers are not reflecting that in the scoring department. He is a leader, acts like a professional. I'm excited to see what he brings to our lineup.

"I am hoping Felix brings that injection of goals and assists to our lineup and it becomes contagious to the guys who haven't woken from their summer slumber yet. Only time will tell."