Royals form partnerships with Erindale Academy, Athlete Matrix

by Matt Mackinder

The Brampton Royals have formed some important partnerships. 

One is adding a partnership with the private prep school Erindale Academy, offering Royals players the opportunity to attend private school in the Elite athlete program offered by Erindale. 

The Royals have also decided to offer two players a scholarship. The Royals will give two players a chance to really take on a student-athlete role on the club with this dynamic, fully funding the players' academic year. 

Through their relationship with Erindale, the Royals have also locked in a partnership with the Athlete Matrix, a full athletic strength and conditioning firm operation under the Gary Roberts system. The Royals are hosting a full 11-week pre-season training camp that will include many evaluations, including a combine that will have three 90-minute sessions per week for 11 weeks - all included in the Royals' fee. 

Players get the chance to upload the Gary Roberts app, which is full of great features. Players will also have access to medical staff which is chock-full with many experienced professionals. 

If you have any interest in the Brampton Royals program, please contact us today at or check out the websites, and