Royals continue to build roster, add local talent Kowalski, European import Galke for '19-20

by Matt Mackinder

The Langton Royals have announced the signings of forwards Juliusz Kowalski and Jonathon Galke for the 2019-20 CPJHL season.

Kowalski is a local native of Tillsonburg, while Galke was born in Poland and lives in Germany.

“Juliusz has been skating with me for a couple years and I got the pleasure of coaching him for a half season last year,” said Langton coach-GM Jason Do Paco. “Jules knows what I expect; he puts the hard hat on and gets to work every day. I have enjoyed watching him grow as a player and I think he will break out a bit this season.

"He gives me everything every day. I can’t complain about someone that understands his hard work will pay off. I’m really happy to have him this year, along with a great family. This is an awesome signing for the Royals."

When Kowalski was asked how he felt about becoming a Royal, he said "it feels really good to become part of the Royal family."

“I am excited to meet my teammates and develop alongside them," Kowalski said. "I hope to get more confident on the ice and also a lot stronger and faster. I hope to go get to at least the OHL and maybe farther from there but mostly I want to play hockey for a long time, even if I don’t make it that far.”

Do Paco is equally elated about Galke signing to play for the Royals. 

“I am overly excited about signing Johnny, as he has played for me in the past and knows my expectations," said Do Paco. "John is a tremendous skater and has good puck ability. We will look to him to provide good offense as well as experience and leadership. Johnny can also play the defensive zone and will be leaned on to provide results on both ends of the puck playing in key situations.” 

Galke can't wait to get to Langton.

“It feels like I'm getting a huge opportunity to show off my ability and get the maximum exposure the Royals and the CPJHL offer," said Galke. "I also love the opportunity because it gives me a chance to prove all the naysayers wrong. I chose to become a Royal because I know Jason as a coach on the ice and off the ice. I know I am getting the development I need as a player and a person with him. My aspirations are to play professionally in Europe and the Royals can help me get there."