Hawks players give billet home a Christmas surprise with a brand-new floor

by Matt Mackinder

by Carrie Robertson, Grey Highlands Hawks

This Christmas, our boys rolled up their sleeves to help.  

One of our billets was in need of a new living room floor, so we sprung into action and made it happen one day while she was at work.  It took some sneaky planning and a bit of time but when she headed out the door for work at Beavercrest Community School the day long project began.  

The floor was premeasured by one of the billet kids and we knew exactly how much flooring we would need, then we had only hours to get the furniture moved, the new flooring down and play keep away for a few short hours at the end of her work day but the end result was well worth it.

Thank you to all who helped in many ways that day.  The boys on furniture moving duty, the boys who were volunteering at the school (keeping us up to date on her every move) , the boys measuring and running the saw, cutting, underlay and finally the finishing touches.  

We are so very proud that the boys came together to do something so special for someone else.  We are proud to say that our team learns as many lessons off ice as they do on.